Soaked Oats

While growing up, my dearest Mother would make sure that none of us left the house without eating breakfast. Most of the time that breakfast would be a big bowl of cooked oats. Still today she loves the warm sticky cooked oats.

Once I became a mother myself, I realized that oats are really a great way to start your day. Not only filling but nutritional as well. That said, there is no time to cook oats for everyone in the mornings. Besides that, I’m not a big fan of the sticky stuff anymore. I have seen so many different ways that oats can be prepared. However, nothing beats soaked oats with loads of goodies hiding inside. Probably my favorite meal of the day.


3/4 Cup Raw Oats
1 Tsp Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp Pure Cocoa Powder
30g Protein Powder (Rice/Pea)
1/3 Cup Mixed Nuts & Fruit
1 cup Almond Milk


Mix oats, chia seeds, cocoa powder, and protein powder together. Once mixed add the almond milk and mix again until all dry ingredients are mixed with the milk. Add the mixed nuts & fruit on top. Place the container in the fridge overnight or at least 1 hour before consumption.
Serves 1

520 Kcal
31g Protein
21g Fat
55g Carbohydrates

by Odette van Jaarsveld

I am a Mom to an independent, beautiful little girl and a strong, cuddly baby boy. I also have the privilege to be a wife to a very intelligent, handsome man. My life is filled with so much love, joy and very busy days....sometimes nights too.

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    Adele van Jaarsveld

    Working as a secretary at a school, I see every now and then a faculty member walking past my desk with a soaked oats container. So it must be catching on with many people, this healthier option of eating oats

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