2 Eggs Breakfast for Four

You open the fridge and OOPS! There are not enough eggs for breakfast, cereal boxes are left with crumbs at the bottom, and you have a few slices of bread on the counter.

Don’t FRET! You can whip up a grand breakfast to feed a family of four. Follow me to the kitchen and let’s start making magic.

2 Eggs 
Pepper (optional)
Vegetable Oil

Crack the eggs open into a large bowl.
A large bowl that a slice of bread can fit in.
Whip the eggs with a whisk or fork until all the seasoning and eggs are mixed.
If you get a small foam layer on top, great!
Warm-up a bit of vegetable oil in a pan.
Once your pan is warm, dip a slice of bread in the eggs. Flip the bread from one side to another, making sure you cover the bread in eggs. 
Tip: don’t leave the bread in the egg for too long, as it will make it too soggy.
Pop the bread on the warm pan and brown the egg and bread on both sides.
Remove from the pan and keep aside.
Repeat the above until all your egg mix is done.

Serve with fresh fruit, spreads like jam & peanut butter, cheese, and honey.

Serves 4

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    I am doing the same actually 🙂 Cheers!

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