New Generation Fathers

I can imagine that it was not easy to be a father in the past and it is definitely not easy to be a father today. Yes, the responsibilities have changed and many comforting facilities are available now to assist in the process but the challenge of being a Father is as hard as ever.

Here are some of the factors that every 21st century Father has to think about; some times on a daily bases. They might not all apply to all fathers but some will definitely hit a nerve.

1 – Food on the table:

This is every father’s and parent’s main responsibility; making sure that the bellys’ are full. This effects people of the lower class more than those in the middle to higher class families but is still a thought that will cross every single father’s mind. What if I can’t make ends meat? What am I going to do? will I steal? am I ready to sin to feed my children? The answer of real fathers will always be Whatever it takes. The middle class is slowly vanishing and finding a decent job has never been harder so this thought has been around more than it should.

For those of you who have been fortunate in their lives and have the financial support to avoid such a thought; for some of you it is even silly… you never know what is waiting for you tomorrow.

2 – Roof above our heads

Having a nice home with a big garden is everyone’s ideal thought but parents now have to think of the expenses of having a big home that is comfortable. More expenses, cleaning, can I afford it? Will my kids be happy in it? Is is the right house to build their memories? Are they going to be happy inviting their friends over? Might be silly but unfortunately true.

3 – Medical Insurance

This one I’ve experienced personally to an extend that I think food and medical insurance are the most important factors for any working father. With medical/healthcare being sooo expensive and hospital (most of the time) not admitting you unless you can proof your ability to pay or insurance… It’s really extremely important to have medical insurance for the family and kids no matter what it takes. Especially with all the viruses and deseases jumping from one country to another from one person to another. Going to the mall has become something you need to plan for to avoid getting sick.

4 – Education

Depending where you are in the world, this might differ. Some countries provide is for free and in some other countries it’s sooo expensive that it could cost you a kidney. (Matter of speech) But it is a necassity because in my experience it is the only thing that we really give our kids; a tool to face the future challenges of life. Then the more detailed questions come to mind, which school is the best for my child, can I afford the best school, which curriculum am I going to let them follow, which one is going to prepare them better for the future. Soo many questions that only one factor can answer, money. Disappointing unfortunately.

5 – Retirement

Saving for retirement is not easy depending on the income that you have. How much can you invest towards your retirement without affecting the lives of your children? Can you afford saving at all with all the expenses that you have? Would sending your children to a cheaper school or getting them a lower medical insurance policy be worth saving for your retirement? The answer is never yes. At least in case, I will always think of spending whatever I can whenever I can to give my children a better life and future. Although my wife might not agree with not saving for the future but she definitely supports giving our children the best possible life. As for us, we’ll figure it out when we get there. Or simply… work until the Angels come calling!

What a Blessing!

I’ve been asked many times about whether I think having children is a good or bad idea. I can proudly and happily say that it is one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my life. It is truly a blessing to see your child grow and become a person. Just try your best to do it right !

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