Entitlement is Booming in ALL Generations

Everyone at some point believes they are ENTITLED to some status, income, power, respect and bla bla bla. AND everyone has felt this in their late teens and twenties. But lately, I’ve been noticing it BOOM regardless of age.

What am I talking about?

Teen boys and girls:

The sport or macho car, the blings, the beautiful girlfriend, the rich boyfriend who’s family must be somebody, the new phone, the new bag, the new shoes and the list goes on. You know what I am talking about.

And I find it funny when I find these rich kids that go doing charity work for some Instagram posts etc and then climb their 100k + cars going home to their mansions. Please be discreet, aren’t you doing it for the good of the needy? Yea right!

The Early to Mid Twenties:

Must have a huge salary, new car (loan on the bank off course), beautiful wife (usually high maintenance), rich husband (most of the time insecure), must be the boss or manager as soon as they are hired (you don’t deserve it yet; Earn it and gain some experience for God’s sake – don’t ‘WASTA’ it), and off-course Party Party Party every weekend (you are wasting your money; literally). Instead of this nonsense; go invest your money as there are Soo many ways to save. And NO you still don’t deserve to be the boss until you gain enough experience with work AND life ! I don’t care… NO

Thirties Plus:

You are generally starting to get mature enough to understand life and, only now, begin to take the right decisions for you and the people around you. You are probably a little lost with what the meaning of the right decision is but its OK for now. It gets messy when you think you have to party all the time, Become a Millionaire, or want 5 children by now. Just Calm down and let your life take shape as it goes. Be careful not to hurt people around as you manage your confusion!

40’s and Beyond:

Well here, you should know what life is about by now. Even if you don’t, you must pass your experience down to the younger generations. Might be to your children, relatives, subordinates, someone you just say hi to at work. We only know the value of experience when we are in the actual situation. You owe it to yourself and the people around you to share your experience in life. AND REMEMBER that the younger generation have a lot more experience with technology than you and do have new innovative ideas on their minds. NO… you don’t know it all and you DID NOT go through what the younger generation is going through; they are literally a different generation SO Give them the benefit of the doubt and listen; You will definitely be surprised of how much you can learn on how to help them achieve what they want!

I am not saying I know it all nor am I saying it’s not good to be Entitiled. I am literally saying NO you still do not deserve it all till you earn it and gain enough experience in life to deserve it. So be quiet and do your job till the time comes. Do what you need to do to get to where you want to be BUT Let LIFE HAPPEN! And if you think you are different then again I say… NO so be quiet.