How this experience changed my Perspective

I haven’t written much lately due to a health emergency with a family member. This experience has aged me atleast 10 years. I’m not sure if I got wiser in the process but I am definitely much calmer. I don’t know why this came to be or why God wanted to test me but it isn’t my place to question that. I am grateful to have passed through it with my family. 🙏🏻

What I experienced materialized the thought of life being so fragile, people taking life for granted and the value of family and God.

We often get frustrated with silly thoughts at work, while driving or at home when having an argument with your spouse etc. Experiencing the thought of loosing someone that is a part of you; Believe Me, will change your perspective of life forever. Anything that gets you frustrated becomes the actual silly thought you want to avoid because it really doesn’t matter, it doesn’t get you anywhere and no one cares.

What I want to point out here is not what I had experienced throughout; But rather the importance of having a strong partner, how such experiences affect your future decisions and how your only sanctuary becomes your beliefs and prayers.

I’ve noticed myself being calmer, more relaxed, closer to family, thinking of today for myself to make a better future for my children and wife, avoiding any silly conflict that could affect my mood, much closer to God, and surprisingly much more attached to my principles.

As for principles, they truly matter even more now. I want my children to learn about everything I have experienced and will experience to build their own principles of life and people.
AND Know that I now will be more attached to my principles and will make sure that my conscience is always clear and fair to everyone around me. This often gets me into trouble, I will say what I think if it benefits you or others even if it hurts because it is the Right thing to do. I will defend those that cannot speak for themselves. I will work even harder to deserve the food that I put on the table for my family. Be ready for Me.

Although I am a believer and pray every day, I feel I only truly pray when I am in trouble.

We tend to ask for forgiveness mostly when praying for a miracle. As my mom said:

God will bless you and your family for every good deed you’ve ever done in your life.

And yes he did.

If you’ve read this far then you deserve to know what happened; my daughter was in a critical condition and God blessed my family with a miracle and saved her. We have a long way to go to get her back to where we want her but I am confident that we will pass through this and become an even stronger family.

My wife and I thank everyone for their support especially my family and AUD community that did not leave us for a second. Thank you to EB, AE, ES, NS, MA, IH, TT, WJ, RK, MJ, SH, SS, TK, ST, JP, SC, RB and for all who prayed for us around the world. Thank you Preist Sauerman, I am forever grateful.

God bless you all.

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    Reading this brings a lot of consciousness back to myself!
    This is touching, and it is so brave to talk about it and mention ur feelings and what u have been through .
    Hopefully this will help many who pass through similar troubles in life.
    Literally stay chill cause who cares about the little things that make us super made throughout our day! Because as u said it doesn’t even matter
    Have faith, and i hope she is doing better 🙏🏻💗

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