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Disclaimer: This articles is Not directed towards any organization, individual, animal or human, living or non-living, especially secure or insecure, or any category whatsoever.

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The below are quotes that were directed to me by my ex-bosses on different occasions in different parts of my life. They’ve stayed with me till this day as I continue my journey through the corporate world step by step.

“Never assume anything. If you have a doubt then check it yourself.”

Probably the best boss I ever had said this to me. I still follow this rule till this day and it has truly proven to make a difference to my reputation of being picky and critical about every single detail. Plus it saved me waaay too many times from falling victim to unreliable co-workers.

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“If you’re own productivity is based on other people’s work, then make sure that you see their work with your own eyes.”

This also opened my eyes to what it means to trust others’ work. People might SAY that they’ve done their part but that doesn’t mean that they have NOR does it mean that it is up to my standards. So I often call on others to show me what they have done. They often don’t like it but I always do give constructive criticism that proves to be an advantage to the over all project; so I really don’t care. AND I have the right to.

“If you can afford it, then you can accept it.”

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This was something one of my ex-bosses asked me to think about before accepting gifts. It might seem easy to think about but believe me it is not. When faced with a situation where an expensive gift is on the table, greed and ego start a fight that is often won by disappointment either way. If you really respect the ideology of your boss like I did then taking the gift will make you feel bad no matter what the gift is. And if you don’t take it, you will always wish you did. In my case, my conscience is clear but still adding items to my Santa list.

“Watch everyone, ignore no one, and play everyone’s game.”

This was one that always won. It’s not easy to follow this nor is it to play everyone’s game. This can be from a simple lie to a whole game of politics or dirt. I can say the first two are a given and should be followed no matter what you do for a living but the third one, well it depends on your character. I still have to say that you would probably want to follow all three if you ever want to reach somewhere or be someone.

“Let the people who have time on their hands play office politics. Be careful that you’re not a target.”

This is a watch your back and stay away kind of scenario. My ex-boss was trying to tell me to stay away from the big boys (or girls) games. Be nice to everyone as you never know who is waiting for you at the corner. Believe me, this boss was really smart and was probably the only real deal politician-strategist player that everyone was afraid off.

“Never be anyone’s hero.” 

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The context here matters but this is a general rule of thumb that I’ve unfortunately ignored many times. Being someone’s hero in the sense of saving them from dangers is always good but being their hero can also be taken for granted. For example getting blamed for not doing anything when you never even knew it was happening? confusing right? Well, the word Hero is really a big responsibility so think twice or ten times before becoming someone’s Hero. Unless you are up to it in every manner, try and avoid it.

“The only work you’ve done is the work that was seen by the boss. Everything else is a waste of time.”

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Oh man do I hate this ex-boss but unfortunately, this is the most shocking truth that was ever said to me. I have often fought this by thinking someone would notice and good things will happen… WHATEVER —> STOP the non-sense and follow the above. I have tested this theory in every single possible scenario in the world. No one cares, people will take advantage of you for their own benefit and the only one that matters is the BIG BOSS AKA Decision Makers. Period.

“People can hate you or love you but they should never be allowed to look down at you.” 

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Honestly, this took me sometime to understand as I always wanted people to like me. This one needs experience and the guts to be able to risk loosing your job many, many times. But I assure you that it is worth it at the end of the day. We are all equals in life and this is how I see others of lower and higher status. Stand up for your self no matter what the consequences are; the consequences of not doing so are far worse internally.

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“The law of “Don’t tell anyone” is the fastest way to spread the news.”

I’ve tested this theory soo many times, never failed me not even once. The only thing I can say here is be patient and wait for it. 

“Never fear the naive, the liar, or the talkative. Watch out for the insecure, they often stab and hurt the most.”

I never thought of this until I tasted it my self. Even if you expect it, you would never think that they would have the wits to reach that level. Oh no, do not be fooled. Insecure people are the most unpredictable and hurtful people especially when in the upper standard of the food chain.

In conclusion, I thank each and every supervisor, manager and business owner that has taken the time of day to give me some advice. I can definitely say I hated some and appreciated others.

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