Toddlers and Technology

I often hear of doctors who advise that children should not be allowed to have screen time watching TV or a tablet or a phone. I do understand that there are some negative effects related to screen time such as the blue-light that are emitted from devices that could affect eyesight and radio frequencies or waves that are even worst and often associated with health issues.

I am not arguing or discussing whether what these doctors are saying is true or not as I do believe some of it is true to a certain extent. And Yes, Technology is also negativity affecting the younger generations’ social ‘human’ interactions and skills. Therefore I do understand the need to Limit the time on technology.

Nevertheless, people rarely discuss the benefits of introducing technology to children at a younger age especially in the Middle East.

My two and half year old daughter who is yet to complete a full sentence is capable of unlocking her phone, taking pictures of us and herself (selfies, God help ME), open different gaming applications, choose her favorite Netflix movie and even cast it on Google Chromecast on the TV. Although she hasn’t started using Google home due to not being able to complete full sentences yet, I expect Google home and AI to become her best friends very soon. She will probably ask it to do most of her chores or even her taxes someday. I will definitely not be happy about THAT but I am quite content with the adaptable technological skills that she is developing. I’m sure that her brain is being wired differently and uniquely to be able to handle the unimaginable limitless technological future we are yet to love or hate.

In the past year, I have noticed more and more through Twitter and other social media channels the introduction of technologies such as augmented reality to elementary students. The benefits of integrating such technologies are limitless. The ability to introduce and animate real life objects within the classroom, such as animals, enhances the quality of the educational experience. #Google for example has recently introduced a ‘View in 3D’ AR option to their search engine to show different

animals and objects. It is really educational and cool so if you haven’t tried it, I advise you do so now.

Other schools in the US and European countries are introducing special programmable kits that kids can assemble to create mobile creative functional robotic toys.
The world has finally started to understand the importance of using technology at an early age to evolutionize the adaptation of our children to future technologies.

My advice to schools and education: don’t be late in introducing technology to our children, adapting to technology is THE skill and norm of the future and every moment counts.

To companies and individuals in technology: educating our children is a the best weapon we can give them for the future so make sure they have the right tools to nurture the right skills.

To every parent: My advice would be to make sure your children are being taught and introduced to such skills at an early age to be able to handle and adapt to the upcoming technological challenges.

And to make my lovely wife happy, I would like to end this log by saying; please prioritize and make sure that your children spend enough time playing in the sun with family and friends.

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