1 Ton is what I Won

Go in, No stay out, Be There for her, No stay out or you’ll never forget it, You cannot leave her alone, No stay out, But I want to, Are you sure? Yes…

Some of it was in my head while the rest were arguments I had with my family who seemed to know Everything about Everything.

I got the call and ran like a crazy person, well… I actually took a cab and picked my lovely wife up from the house and set out to the hospital. It was the time we had been waiting for, my first born was ready to shake my world. We hit the crazy morning traffic and that is when things started getting… interesting.

If you live in a city like Dubai you would know that morning traffic is no joke plus if you think of going off-road or on the side yellow emergency line it means a huge fine and maybe even losing your driving license. So I had to take a decision of delivering my baby in the car OR taking a painful fine and probably be chased by the Police. Well that was an easy decision I did not have to take; suddenly all the roads started clearing out like magic. Was that luck or the all mighty giving me a hand or blessing? I didn’t really care because we got there on time.

Getting the paper work done at the hospital was hell on earth as it seemed to take forever. Family started showing up and the pressure started building as we got to the moment of truth. I enter the delivery room where life was.. happening… really happening…. happened. . . . and I see my angelic baby for the first time.

Ok, before I get to the really important part of my story, please get this: Everything that Everyone had ever told me about how I would feel when I see my child was a piece of Bull Sh. . How the hell would anyone know how I would feel at that moment. I am not being a bad person but the expectation that were set in my mind where nothing even close…

Back to where life was happening, the feeling of seeing your own child for the first time is Really Strong in every way. I felt so happy, positive, proud, sounded in my head like ‘I am the Maaan, the Kiiing’ and it hit me…It is a girl, my girl, my daughter, my responsibility, I am a father now. And that ladies and gentlemen was when I literally felt 1 Ton of weight fall on my shoulders.

Yes, I suddenly had soo much more to do and think about for the sake of my family……it all grew on me and ever since that moment, I step up my game as a father to the best of my ability every moment of everyday. I even prepared a special set of boyfriend repellent fighting sticks for when the time comes and that my friends is Not a Joke.

I am sure you must have noticed that the title is ‘1 Ton is what I Won’ and it is truly the blessing of my life. I have never been happier to have a family no matter how hard it can get these days. Let me leave you with this, I am blessed to say that I have lately won my ‘2nd Ton’ and from here on, life can only get better.

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